Baby Grunting In Sleep, Is It Normal?

New parents usually become worried when they see their baby grunting in sleep, they instantly start assuming that something is wrong with the baby. In this article, we will discuss that is it normal if a baby grunts in sleep.

Is it normal for a baby to grunt in sleep?

Baby Grunting In Sleep
What a stunner

When a baby starts grunting in sleep, it sounds like they are in pain or distress. But that might not be the case because newborns usually grunt in sleep when they learn how to pass stool.

In another scenario, baby grunting in sleep can be due to a health issue related to reflux, problem in breathing, and trapped mucus. All these issues can cause extreme discomfort for the baby and the baby might start grunting while being asleep.

Now let’s go through the causes and remedies to cure the baby grunting in sleep.

Causes of a baby grunting in sleep:

For some babies, grunting happens when they start having bowel movements. But for some babies it can be due to many other reasons, some of those causes are:

  • Dreaming: Baby grunting in sleep can be because the baby is dreaming. While dreaming babies tend to make different sounds, smile, and cry.
  • Breathing: Sometimes babies grunt when they are getting control over their breathing.
  • Trapped mucus: Babies have a tiny nasal passage where mucus can accumulate. This trapped mucus can be the cause of baby grunting in sleep.
  • Acid reflux: With developing digestive systems, babies tend to have various gastroesophageal reflux issues. Sometimes the stomach contents rise in the food pipe which can lead to the baby grunting in sleep because it causes discomfort.


Now, let’s talk about how you can treat the baby grunting in sleep issue:

  • Feeding the baby: To avoid gastroesophageal reflux issues, how you feed the baby plays an important role. Babies should be fed little at a time after regular intervals. The feedings should be slow and the baby should be burped many times in between and after the feeding session.
  • Control the air swallowing: Babies tend to swallow a lot of air during the day which can lead to gastric issues and ultimately baby grunts in sleep. To avoid it make sure the nipple of the bottle should have small holes according to the age of the baby. Do not give pacifiers unnecessarily throughout the day.
  • Rub petroleum jelly: If the baby is learning to pass stool and having a hard time then you can try rubbing petroleum jelly on their anus. It helps in relieving the baby who is having trouble passing the stool.

When to call the doctor

When you notice the  baby grunting in sleep, keep a close look on the baby and if you notice any of the below symptoms, call the doctor immediately:

  • The baby is extremely distressed
  • Grunts with every breath
  • Lips turning blue
  • Develops a fever
  • Flares their nostrils
  • Takes a long gap between breaths

These symptoms require urgent medical attention.

Key takeaways:

Baby grunting in sleep can be a normal part of growing in babies but in some cases, it can be due to a specific reason that needs to be treated. We have provided you with all the knowledge about baby grunting in sleep which you can apply and it will surely help you out.

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