Screen Time For Babies – Good or Bad?

The biggest problem that parents face nowadays is that their babies love screen time. In some cases, babies start crying and only settle down when they are given some screen time. But screen time may have some long-term effects on babies that can also lead to developmental problems.

Here we have gathered all the information about screen time for babies.

Is screen time bad for babies?

If your baby is older than 18 months then it is fine to give him controlled screen time because he will learn a thing or two by watching informative shows.

But if your baby is younger than 18 months then it is recommended to completely avoid screen time because there are harmful effects of screen time for babies.

So, let’s discuss all the effects of screen time on babies.

What is the effect of screen time on babies?

Screen Time For Babies
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Screen time has some positive but mostly negative effects on the development of babies. Here are few bad effects of screen time for babies:

Social anxiety: Babies who get addicted to screens do not have interaction with real people. When they are watching TV they will not be able to focus on the things and people around them. Parents usually do not sit with the baby and discuss the show that they are watching on TV. Due to watching screens alone for a long time, babies become socially and emotionally distant from people.

Delayed speech: Babies do not effectively learn to speak by watching a screen. They learn to speak when parents or caregivers talk to them with attention. Babies pick words from your vocabulary and try to copy them. If a normal baby learns some words by the age of 12 months then a baby who has screen time might not speak even after he is 1 year old. So, screen time causes delayed speech issues in babies.

Sleep issues: Baby’s sleep is majorly affected by excessive screen time. Sleep is very important for the normal growth and development of babies. The light emitted by the screen causes hindrance in the production of melatonin due to which the babies have a hard time falling asleep. So, if they have too much screen time during the day they will not get enough sleep during the night.

How much screen time I can allow for my baby?

Babies who are below 18 months should be given 0 screen time. While babies who are older than 18 months can be given 1 hour of screen time in the whole day.

However, it is the recommended time but in real life, screen time for babies can be a necessity sometimes. When a mother is alone with the baby and she needs to complete some tasks but the baby does not let her do anything, she will ultimately choose screen time.

In such situations when you have to give screen time make sure the baby watches a bigger screen i.e. TV with minimum brightness.

How to limit screen time for babies?

Now, you must be wondering how you can limit the screen time for babies. Here are a few tips that might help you to avoid screens:

  • Distract the baby with toys
  • Plan fun activities for the baby
  • Meet friends and family
  • Take the baby out to a park
  • Plan play dates with other babies
  • Let your kid create a mess
  • Find a good daycare


Screen time is harmful to babies and you should try your best to avoid it as much as possible. You can also try our tips to limit screen time for babies.

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