All About Tummy Time For Babies

Every infant reacts differently to tummy time, some hate it while others love to be on their tummy. In any case, it is important to give lots of tummy time to babies.

Here is a guide about all the things you need to know about tummy time for babies:

What does “tummy time for babies” mean?

Tummy Time
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Tummy time for babies simply means laying down the baby on their stomach. It helps to strengthen the muscles needed to lift their head and they eventually learn to crawl and walk.

Tummy time also helps to relieve gas in babies and settles their reflux issues. Tummy time is great for babies with colic, it helps in relieving their pain.

Appropriate age of tummy time for babies:

Tummy time is safe for babies of any age. You can start giving tummy time to your baby as soon as you come home from the hospital.

How often a baby should have tummy time?

You can give tummy time to newborns for 3 to 5 minutes, twice or thrice a day. When the baby grows older, his muscles strengthen up and then you can leave him on his stomach for a longer time.

Keep a close look on the baby while he is on his tummy. If the baby sleeps while being on his tummy then put him on his back. Never let the baby sleep on his tummy.

Effects of tummy time for babies:

Tummy time for babies has many health benefits and aids in the growth and development of babies. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Tummy time teaches the baby to lift his head by strengthening various muscles of the baby.
  • It prevents flat heads in babies because when they lay on their back for too long there is a risk of developing a flat head.
  • Babies learn to roll over, crawl, and sit with the help of tummy time.
  • They learn to balance their bodies and movements.

Tips for tummy time:

Some babies hate to have tummy time so they might give you a hard time. If your baby does not like tummy time then here are few tips for making tummy time fun and comfortable for babies:

  • Make tummy time a part of the baby’s routine.
  • Avoid giving tummy time right after feedings because it makes the baby uncomfortable.
  • Make tummy time enjoyable by singing songs, using rattles, or lay down yourself with the baby to make it fun.
  • Move the baby to a different location so that baby enjoys his new view.
  • While giving the tummy time you can also massage the baby’s feet to encourage him.
  • If the baby has an older sibling ask them to join in baby’s tummy time.

Key Takeaways:

Tummy time for babies is great because it has many health benefits. Usually, babies love to lay on their tummies but if your baby does not like tummy time then try to make it a fun activity for him by using our tips. Do not get discouraged and keep trying, your baby will get used to tummy time very soon.

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