Help! Sleep Training A Toddler Is A Battle

Even if your kid was a good sleeper when he was a baby, he might become the opposite as soon as he enters toddlerhood. There isn’t a single explanation to what is the cause of this change but there are a few tips and tricks that will help you sleep training a toddler without having a wrestling match.

Sleep training a toddler-Is it too late?

No, it is never too late to sleep train your kid. Of course, it will not be as easy as sleep training a baby but with some extra patience, you will get through it.

Methods for sleep training a toddler:

Sleep training a toddler cannot be the same as sleep training a baby. You cannot let your toddler cry and expect that he will get tired and go to sleep. No, he won’t go to sleep like that, he will resist sleep and start throwing extreme tantrums. So, here are few recommended methods that you can try for sleep training a toddler:

Sleep Training A Toddler
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  • Camp it out method: If your toddler was previously sleeping in your room and now you want him to move to his room, then he might be afraid to sleep alone. To solve this problem, you should try the camp it out method, which means you will sleep on a mattress in the toddler’s room near him. After 1 or 2 days, you can start sitting in a chair in your toddler’s room until he goes to sleep. Eventually, your toddler will get habitual of sleeping on his own in his room and he will not need you to sleep.
  • No cry method: In this method, the toddler does not cry too much. When he resists sleeping, you will just pick him up and try to make his mood better. After settling him down, try putting him to sleep again. It can be exhausting for the parents but this way the toddler will not cry too much.

Best bedtime routine for toddlers:

Kids like to have a well-maintained routine in their life. Having a fixed bedtime routine helps them to relax and sleep peacefully throughout the night. A good toddler routine also plays an important role in sleep training a toddler. Here are few activities that you should perform with your toddler every night before bedtime:

  • Bath them: Bath before bedtime is great for a baby’s health.  It is proven that babies who take a bath just before bedtime are good sleepers.
  • Make them wear their favorite PJs: Toddlers like to pick and choose, let them choose their night suit and make them wear whatever they like.
  • Give a bedtime snack: Giving a snack just before bedtime keeps the toddler’s tummy full for a longer time owing to which he will sleep longer.
  • Read a book: Read a storybook with your kid that he likes the most. The point is to relax, if your toddler likes lullaby then you can sing those as well.
  • Give lots of kisses and hugs: Cuddling and kissing are the favorites of kids, especially during the nighttime. It makes them happy and they will gladly agree to sleep.
  • Say good night: Make it a routine to say good night to your kid before leaving his room, so that he knows the day has finally ended and you will not come to his room again.

Key takeaways:

Sleep training a toddler is much difficult than sleep training a baby but it is not impossible. With lots of patience and consistency, they can be successfully trained to sleep on their own.

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